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Home to the tallest building in the world which is the Burj Dubai, Dubai is one of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. This part of the Middle East consists of a classic desert landscape where the old is pleasantly mixed in with the new.

Benefits of Teaching English in Dubai

If you wish to take your TESOL certification course in Dubai, what are the benefits that you will get to enjoy by doing so? Being the oil-rich country that the UAE is, there are plenty of good-paying teaching opportunities for TESOL certificate holders here. You can even grab the opportunity to increase your earnings if you take on jobs teaching business English to employees of private companies. In spite of being situated in the middle of the desert, there are a surprising number of modern amenities in Dubai which will lead you to have all the comforts of modern city living here.

Course Dates & Fees: Dubai

Course Fees
  • Fees: 2463 USD
  • Deposit: 500 USD
  • Discount: 100 USD
  • Deposit: 400 USD
  • Balance: 1963 USD

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Our School, Facilities & Tutors

The international TESOL training center that we have in Dubai is located in the center of the city, which is located near the restaurants and other modern amenities. Classes are held in air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable classrooms. Our team of English tutors in Dubai are all TESOL certified, with plenty of experience in the field.

Job Placement Assistance & Teaching Prospects in Dubai

Being the non-English speaking country that the UAE is, you will definitely not be lacking for teaching prospects to apply for in Dubai. Take your pick from job openings in language schools, colleges, universities or private businesses where employees are asked to learn business English. Once you enrol in our TESOL certification course, you can take advantage of the job placement assistance that we offer.

Getting to Know the Little Districts in Dubai

Over the years, Dubai has acted like an independent city state which has developed at an extraordinary pace. To give it a feel of being just like any other ordinary city in a non-desert setting, there are little districts in Dubai which showcase how culturally varied it is as a city. There’s a little India, a little Manila, little Europe, little Karachi and Chinatown. The city is also divided into Old Dubai and Ancient Dubai, each of which has its own charms to boast of.

Getting Started

Can you think of any other reason to not enrol in our TESOL certification course in Dubai? Sign up for our training course now and establish an international English teaching career for yourself right here!

TEFL Dubai Course Fee

Tuition: 2463 USD
Discount: 100 USD
Course Fee: 2363 USD
Deposit: 400 USD
Balance: 1963 USD

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